Apr 4, 2011

10 Random Thoughts from a Newbie Writer

By Tracy Astle

My sincerest apologies for posting so late. I honestly have not had five minutes available before now.  This is a post I pulled over from my blog. Sorry I don't have something brand spankin' new for those of you who may have read it there.

10 Random Thoughts from a Newbie Writer 

1) I have a time warp feature on my computer of which I was previously unaware. It seems to be activated only when I am involved in literary pursuits - writing, reading agent/author blogs, things like that. This feature causes my clocks to move at five to ten times normal speed.

2) How badly do I really need sleep? I've heard that a person can last at least three to four days without sleep before going psychotic. Is that true? And if it is, would psychosis help or hurt the creative process? Just askin'.

3) It's the coolest thing ever to be able to sit in front of the computer wearing sweats or pjs, surfing all manner of fascinating things on the net and call it research, or to let my imagination run and play at will and call it work. Am I right?

4) Who knew 'l' and 'y' were so evil when placed together at the end of a word?

5) Publishing type people are insanely helpful!

6) Janet Reid scares me. Don't get me wrong. I'd love to have her in my corner fighting for me and my work. But yikes. *shudders*

7) Speaking of agents extraordinaire, why did Nathan Bransford have to switch careers just when I was getting ready to query him? I'm sure it was nothing personal.

8) Seriously, how long am I going to feel the need to keep revising/editing? I get to be 'done' at some point, don't I?

9) How can my characters have such minds of their own when they exist solely in my mind and on my pages?

10) It seems I have lots more friends now that I have all the imaginary ones running around in my head.

??Any random thoughts you'd care to share?? The randomer, the better.


  1. All of them very true, Traci! And personally, I start to go psycho after only about 24 hours with no sleep. ;)

  2. Loved all your random points. They resonate with me, too.

  3. Why do my characters choose to keep talking to me when I am asleep?

  4. Too funny! and sooooo true!Great post, Thanks!

  5. I totally agree. And why do I burst with things I want to share and then when I get the opportunity my brain goes blank? Or I have lots to wright and I fall asleep.


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