Apr 28, 2011

Royal Wedding

By Susan G. Haws

The Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is in its final countdown. It is more than just the marriage of two people it is a world wide event.  It will be a spectacular display full of pomp and ceremony.  The news and the talk shows are full of Royal wedding trivia and a full range of commemorative memorabilia   is for sale, from tea bags to jewelry with strange, and  unmentionable things in the mix.   Men are dressing in top hats and tail coats and woman will be wearing the height of fashion and hats.  There are signs around London saying "Keep Calm It's Only a Wedding"  The press have briefing manuals  four plus inches thick and will air seven straight hours of coverage barring international disaster.  There will be the before event speculation and the post event evaluation with the wedding dress  reveal, the big display everyone is waiting for as much or more than the ceremony.click here

Commentators naturally compare this prince's wedding to his father's.  Prince Charles, and Lady Diana Spencer had a "fairy tale" wedding after a period of world turmoil.  That "fairy tale" wedding ended with sadness and tragedy.  Unfortunately they were real people with real problems.  Here we are again with a prince in line to the throne's wedding in a time of world turmoil. Hopefully this real couple will have a happier marriage.  While I think the millions watching wish the actual couple a long and happy life together. I think people of   the world invest fairy tale hopes and dreams  in a real couple,  hoping they are the evidence  of happy endings. I think it is more the fairytale super bowl, the fashion, the spectacle, and especially their own hopes for a bright and happy future and a bright and happy planet that cause people to watch.click here

Few world wide events bring this happy hope for the future and they are referred to as "fairy tale" because that is the source of most escapism.  In days gone by people listened to stories around the fire at night. Today people watch movies and read books.  Writers tell stories that provide escape from daily worry and toil, through adventure and romance.  Escape and hope are great gifts.

I expect the Royal wedding to provide romance writers with inspiration and  audiences hungry for more romance.  How do you think this wedding will influence the market for romance novels? 


  1. Interesting question, Susan. I have to admit that I have been so busy, I haven't been paying attention to the news. I do remember being enchanted by Dianna's wedding. When I was a teen I would escape with a Barbara Cartland romance novel.
    Thank you for sharing the links. Amazing. I think I'll go find my Sarah Eden and Donna Hatch and Joyce DiPastena novels.

  2. Very interesting. I haven't been paying it as much attention as I should. There are so many other things on my mind. When I stop and think about it, it seems more like a fairytale. So surreal, and so far removed from life as I know it. that is probably one of the reasons that so many people are drawn to it.

  3. I follow the royal family and have for years. Read nearly everything I can on them that isn't tabloid fodder. My fingers were crossed for Charles and Diana...as they are for their sons.


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