Apr 8, 2011

A Job

I've read so many blogs lately where people are talking about needing to be more serious about their writing.
They schedule writing times, designate a spot in their home to writing, and try to treat it like a job.

I know, right now, that certain parts of my life need to be structured.
Writing is not one of those parts.
Just like my sewing area is a mess, my writing life is a mess. I like it that way. It's comfortable for me. I create better in chaos.

I may not write for a few days, and then I may spend a few days doing very little outside of writing (these are the nights my family gets pancakes for dinner). It's what works for me.

So, I'm curious, are you a writer who needs that structure? Designated writing spaces and times?

Or, are you like me - laptop anywhere and everywhere, no structured time, no structured place?


  1. Frankly my writing usually gets done when it suddenly HAS to get done. I guess that makes me more like you.

  2. I'm both. I wish I had a structured time and place, but I never do.

  3. I write just like you! It seems my muses are messy and disorganized, a bit like me. But when I'm "in the zone," watch out! I can blast through those chapters. I just wish I did that more often than I do.

  4. Great post, good question.

    I have started to see my writing as a "job" (though that word often has an unappealing connotation) because I want to get published, which means (hopefully) people will buy it, and then I'll have to pay taxes... so it is a career, work, a vocation. Therefore, as much as I wanted to work on my book on Sunday I didn't. I spent time on a talk for Stake Auxiliary training and started a blog post on charity.

    I have been writing as the muse strikes and in any place that is comfortable. BUT I'm wanting to get a more structured time because I can't keep writing day after day all day and ignoring the other important parts of my life (like laundry, schooling the kids...).

    I'm getting some structure back in my life and will writing a blog about that soon at http://nicolemariewhite.blogspot.com/

  5. Hmmm..I'm not at the "treat it like a job" phase yet. However, everyone I know that has been successful getting published does treat their writing like a business.

    Mine, like yours and Terry's...gets done when it has to get done.

  6. You ladies are awesome :D

    I think my husband is praying for me to get writer's block. I'm kidding of course, I think it terrifies him, but writing does tend to take over.
    Even though I hope to be paid for it, writing is something I'd do whether I got paid or not. Therefore, I hope to never treat it like a "job"

    But, if it works for ya...

  7. I think I'm like a friend of mine: She has had a firm writing schedule for 30 years--and never has kept to it. However, somehow she has written several outstanding novels. I need to keep being like her...in several ways.

  8. Both for me. I have several great writing spots set up. I also take my lap top with me and write in odd places at weird times. I do agree with Kari Pike though that if you want to be financially successful you have to respect your writing and take it seriously to a point.


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