Apr 12, 2011

Japan's Tragedy

by Terri Wagner

This morning I opened my work email and found two more emails from my company's Japan correspondent. His words touched me deeply. I'd like to share some of the things going on there. Fortunately, he lived away from the areas struck by the earthquake and resulting tsunami. However, the aftershocks are frightening and increasing in both intensity and location. It did get me to wondering about the last days and the last events of the last days as I think we all do. Question: If the earthquakes of the last days were to be in diverse places, does that mean earthquakes in the "ring of fire" are just naturally occurring or does it reflect a period of great upheval? Just askin'.

April 11, 2011 marked the passage of just one month since the deadliest earthquake and tsunami in our history. Immediately after the 9.0 magnitude tremor, Japan's Meteorological Agency announced that people living in northeastern part of Japan should take precautions against big aftershocks. We have had hundreds of aftershocks since then. Even now, during the course of making this report, the powerful fresh earthquakes and aftershocks are still occurring over and over again. Today we have tremors more than 10 times up to 7.1 Richter scale. A report says that four people were killed and 3 others seriously injured in a strong aftershock that hit northeastern Japan on Monday, at 5:16 PM.

As of this afternoon (April 11), the death toll from the disaster stood at 13,127, another 14,348 remained missing, and 4,793 were injured. While about 150,000 people are still living at evacuation centers throughout Japan.

According to Japan's health ministry, a total of 82 children in 3 northeastern prefectures, Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima , have lost parents in the massive quake and tsunami , 44 children in Iwate, 30 in Miyagi, and 8 in Fukushima . The ministry says that the number could rise as there are many children whose parents are still unaccounted for.

The Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant continues to release radioactive substances into the air, ground and the Pacific Ocean. Heavily contaminated water in turbine buildings and a concrete tunnel has been hampering restoration efforts and preventing workers from even inspecting the pumping systems.

Even as he sent his last message this morning there were more afterschocks.


  1. This is so shocking to watch and here about. I can not imagine what it must be like for our brothers and sisters in Japan. How difficult it must be every time another aftershock rocks their world.

  2. I was touched by the information in your blog. Just today I was commenting to an acquaintance that I am disappointed not to get more updates on the situation and recovery process in Japan on the news. I don't know anyone there personally but I do care. I am saddened to see that Charlie Sheen (That I personally think caused his own problems and is undeservedly benefiting from publicity.)gets more news time than actual information about the ongoing tragedy in Japan that also effects the whole world. Just sayin'.


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