Apr 23, 2011

The Specifics

by Bonnie Harris

So my mom retaught me something these last few weeks. I think I've shared before my struggle to balance life with a new baby. My biggest complaint has been that my writing time has become basically nonexistent. This past week or so I've been vocalizing my frustration with this fact and my wonderful, sweet mother said this to me. "As a Mom, I depending too much on myself. Don't forget to get on your knees and ask for help. Be specific with what you are asking and let the Lord help you."

Being the wonderful daughter that I am *wink* I immediately tried it. Ha, ha. It took me a little bit longer to digest and remember what she said, but the important part is, I did try it. I asked more specifically for help in finding/making time to get my writing done. It worked. The next day in fact. I shouldn't be surprised. I have a testimony in prayer and getting answers to prayer, but I found myself very surprised and grateful and humbled for not thinking of doing that sooner.

Since that experience I've tried to remember to be very specific in my prayers. Specific in my gratitude as well as my requests. When I actually do it, I am seeing the tender mercies in my life. Thanks to the extra help, I am about 20,000 words into a new novel, The Black Orchid, I've been trying to get under way on for awhile now. (No this is not a shameless plug, but I am really excited about it!)

Now I find myself looking for those tender mercies along the way as a direct result of my specific prayers. It's amazing what has been happening. How grateful I am for a mother who was inspired to reteach me, for my Heavenly Father who is willing to forgive and help me despite my stubbornness in thinking I can do it on my own, for His willingness to entrust me with one of His precious spirits, and for the lessons I'm continually learning.

With Easter being tomorrow I'd also like to add my testimony of the Savior. He lives. He loves us. We need Him and He is always willing to help no matter what we have done or how long it's been since we've talked to Him. I know that I can always turn to Him and He will be there, I just have to remember to ask. How wonderful it is that we have a friend and brother in Jesus Christ. :)


  1. Your story is a beautiful reminder that women never stop being mothers. Teaching moments continue forever. And hooray for you for heeding your mother's counsel. I am strengthened by your testimony and example. Thank you for sharing this. Hugs~

  2. Thank you for always taking the time to read and post comments. I really enjoy what you have to say. I need to do better at that. Thank you. :)

  3. Isn't Heavenly Father wonderful? He's been there for me when as you I remembered to let Him in.

  4. I appreciate you passing along the lesson. I am specific when I misplace something but forget to be specific in other needs.

  5. Can I just say Amen, Sister?

    I keep relearning these very things.


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