Apr 2, 2011

*Jimmer Fredette

It's Jimmer Time. Are you a Jimmer Fredette fan? I am. The basketball player from BYU fascinates me. I heard a radio report on his earlier life and how he became Jimmer. It all boils down to hard work, tons of practice, working through injury and hard times, never giving up, and faith in himself.

Not a bit different in any field you choose to succeed in. If we will work hard, practice our craft, work through blocks, and excuses, never give up and have faith in ourselves, WE WILL SUCCEED! It's just that simple. (Notice: I said SIMPLE, not EASY.)
Here's to all the Jimmer Fredettes out there!


  1. Okay so very few writers are sports fans? Waiting to see if anyone out there is.

  2. I never heard of him. I had to google it.

  3. I'm with Susan. I'll have to catch up giggle. Down here if it's not SEC, it's just not news.

  4. Thanks for the input. I don't know Jimmer, but I will take his success to thought. I liked what you said about success being simple, not easy.

  5. We definitely know Jimmer at our house. (Yay, BYU!) He just has the best name ever. It's fun to say.

  6. I forget that everyone else isn't a basketball fanatic like my family. My husband goes so far as saying basketball is a Celestial sport. Jimmer is one of the most amazing basketball players ever from BYU. Danny Ainge was another. Anyone remember him?


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