Jun 19, 2011


By Wendy A. Jones

A father is someone who whispers in your ear, "You are beautiful," and believes it, even when you know you're only of average prettiness.

A father is someone who encourages you to follow your dreams.

A father is someone who suscribes to four newspapers and cuts out articles he thinks you might be interested in (which is a good thing, because, well, you don't subscribe to any).

A father is someone who buys noisy toys for your children and then just smiles when you ask, "Is this payback?"

A father is someone who slips you money to help "pay for expenses" even when he already bought your plane ticket to come and visit him.

A father is someone who's always glad to see you.

A father is someone who will sit on the floor to play Chutes and Ladders with your children even though he can barely stand up afterward because of his bad knees.

A father is someone who teaches you how to shuffle and play cards.

A father is someone who takes you fishing--or in my case, not.

A father is someone who takes lots of pictures of you and only one third of them are embarrassing.

A father is someone who teaches you lots of things without saying anything at all.

I love you, Dad. Happy Father's Day.

What special things does your father do?


  1. Love your post Wendy. My dad does the slipping me extra cash thing, too. He'll mail me a roll of dollar coins in a big box with lots of paper and stuff in it...things like oranges off his tree, extra socks from the hospital...totally random stuff like that.

    Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's in the world.

  2. Made me think of my dad who is being stalwart in my jobless plight proving you are never too old to want your dad on your side.

  3. Very sweet, Wendy, and I am glad you have your stalwart Dad, Terri.


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