Jun 15, 2011


By Melinda Carroll

I'm posting this at 10:30 tonight. Why so late? I'd planned on doing it earlier, but my schnauzer decided to surprise us by having puppies. Five of them. In case you're wondering, I did think she was gaining a little weight, but still. Five puppies? You've got to be kidding me. We just had our male poodle neutered two months ago, but apparently he slipped a few by us before he got snipped. *sigh*
So how does this relate to writing? Hmmm... Maybe it's good to throw in a surprise twist now and then just to make things interesting.
Oh, and surprise twists can make you very tired-- especially when you think about trying to sell them at the same time your kids will be going back to school. *did I already sigh?*


  1. Congrats on the little puppies. And on the surprise. Those are always fun esp in writing.

  2. Five surprise puppies = definitely sigh-worthy. Good luck!


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