Jun 8, 2011

Moving right along

by Kami Cornwall

I have been writing furiously (those sit-ups can wait) and getting a lot done! The story is moving along nicely but I still grapple with a few frustrations. I go back and forth between loving my story and feeling like it's just plain stupid. I ask myself, "Who is really going to like this?" and say to myself, "This is never going to get published." Then I take some time off and re-read the story and say, "Oh yeah, that's why I loved this story so much!"

One of the most important things I learned at an ANWA writer's conference was that it shouldn't matter so much whether or not your work gets published, but the important thing was that you were learning the craft as you pressed forward and enjoyed the ride. I am really enjoying the ride! I find myself laughing at my own jokes or reading something that I don't recall having written and then saying, "Ooh, this is getting good! I wonder what I wrote next!" (Usually from writing that I've done late at night and I was too tired to remember what I was thinking.)

I was asked a few days ago if I was done yet. When I replied, "No," my friend said to me, "Listen...it will NEVER be done. Nobody is ever happy with their story - even after the thing has been published." I had to clarify that I had an outline and still had to write the climax of the story and leave the reader wanting to read more. I haven't written the last few pivotal pieces of information yet - so it's REALLY not done yet. "Oh," was his response. I could tell he was disappointed.

Still, I'm a little embarrassed to say it has taken me 3 years on this one book and I still haven't even finished writing what I wanted to. I take too much time away from it, but when I come back I always get a lot done. Am I the only one who drags out their writing project longer than expected? How long did it take for you to get your first book written?


  1. I'm with you, Kami. It's about the journey. If you're published it's just frosting on the cake. If our only pleasure comes from publication, the world is full of some really miserable people because there seems to be an awful lot of aspiring authors and only about 10% will ever be published.

  2. Keep writing keep having fun it's supposed to be a labor of love.

  3. I totally understand the insecurity and the love of the story both pulling on you at the same time.

  4. Um, still writing my first book. (Cough, cough.) It's taking me for.ev.er. Writing a book is dang hard.


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