Jun 27, 2011

Lovely Surprises

By Tracy Astle

Forgive me for today's post not being writing related, but sometimes life springs lovely surprises on us that are too nice not to be shared.

For the recent surgery I had done, I was referred to a new doctor. I had heard good things about him and felt comfortable with him from my very first appointment. He's one of those doctors who is very thorough, very knowledgable and shows great respect for his patients and their intellegence as well. He doesn't dictate diagnosis and treatment, but rather listens to the patient's description of symptoms, asks appropriate, info gathering questions, discusses the diagnosis thoroughly and explains possible options for treatment along with the benefits and shortcomings of each option. Then he and the patient decide together which option is best for them. Gotta love a doctor who recognizes that just because his patient didn't go to med school doesn't mean they can't understand what's happening with their body as well as a doctor can.

I live in California, which is not necessarily known for being as home, family and church oriented as many other parts of the country, so imagine my happy surprise when during my last appointment before my surgery, my doctor went over all I might need to know about my condition and the upcoming procedure, answered all the questions my husband and I had and then, just before we finished, said, "Normally I like to pray before these types of surgeries. Would it be all right if we have a word of prayer together?"

A moment of stunned silence followed before I could say, "That would be awesome! I knew I liked you."

He rolled his little stool over to me, held his hand out for me to hold, and offered a prayer for me, for him, and for any others who would be involved with the procedure. So comforting. So unexpected. So wonderful.

How about you? Can you think of any lovely surprises you've had? Share some and brighten our day.


  1. That's awesome. So unexpected.

  2. Not really. But it would almost be worth living in CA to find a doctor that great. Lucky you.

  3. Wow! That is awesome. My son had heart surgery a few years ago, and when we met with the surgeon we ended up going with, he told us that he often felt other hands leading his while he did his surgeries. I got CHILLS (the good kind) when we spoke with him. My son's surgery went great, and a lot of my worry was aleviated knowing that my surgeon believed in the power of God to help him. So comforting.

  4. It's such a blessing to have medical care you can trust. Once when I had a simple procedure--colonoscopy--I was confident though still concerned because my grandmother had had colon cancer but had survived and lived to be 90. At the hospital, while I was waiting for the procedure to begin, the nurse asked if I would like to listen to some music. She listed what was available and I chose an album of music by Johann Sebastian Bach. It calmed me right away, but when I heard the strains of "Sheep May Safely Graze," I was overwhelmed with the feeling of love from my Shepherd. I knew that He knew where I was and I was assured that I would be okay. I was. It was such a simple manifestation of love but powerful in the moment when I needed it most. It was a sweet tender mercy I have never forgotten.

  5. WOW - great to see a doctor also recognizing the need for spiritual intervention.

  6. Love it! What a wonderful experience. I often wonder how one can become a physician and not believe in God. All things manifest there is a God and when you study the complexities of the human body...Wow. I am so happy for you! hugs~

  7. That IS a lovely surprise, and those are the best type of doctors to have.


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