Jun 18, 2011

Being Productive

By Bonnie Harris

Well, in my eternal quest to figure out how to get more time for my writing I think I've come to conclusion that it's not necessarily the time I need, it being able to use the time I have more productively. So in my journey I've run across yet another book that supposed to help. So far I've enjoyed what has been written and I think it may help. It's called Writing Tools by Roy Peter Carter. The chapters are short and full of different ideas. One of the tips is how to turnProcrastination into Rehearsal. It's been really interesting.

So if anyone has any additional ideas on how to use what little time there is to write more productively, I'm all ears. :)


  1. Prioritize, so you know what items might be more important than even your writing. You know. Things like family and work. In a work environment there are often chatty coworkers who will come and plant themselves in my office. In a training it was suggested that once I've given Chatty Cathy a couple of minutes and it's obvious she's not leaving that I can get up from my desk and, continuing to talk with her, start heading out the door. She will get up and follow, and I can conclude the conversation. Works every time.

    My problem is keeping the draw of online things from taking my attention.

    So we need to discipline ourselves as well. =D

  2. I've come to the same conclusion, Bonnie. I am always intrigued when I think about how we all have the same 24 hours and we all choose different ways to use it. I admire those people who have learned how to take it all in and balance it. The book sounds interesting. I will have to look ofr it.

  3. The best thing I ever did was give up list making. It freed up a lot of time for me.

  4. That's funny, Terri...but I can totally see how I would benefit from that same strategy! LOL!


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