Jun 22, 2011

A year of firsts

Who else did something really fun this last weekend? Raise your hand! We took the kids to a cowboy dinner show. Now if you've never been to one, you ought to go - even if you're not really into the "cowboy" scene. My husband thought it would be "okay" but he couldn't stop raving about it after we returned and we were making our Father's Day phone calls. So that was a first for the whole family! (Not to mention my boys were hysterical with their cowboy hats and cap guns challenging the actors to a quick draw.)

I'll be meeting my pen-pal from Germany for the first time in September this year and the whole family is excited for that visit. We're going to be her tour-guide around Seattle and through Washington to the Palouse.

My youngest will be entering Kindergarten this year (First day of school!) which will leave me at home without kids for the first time ever. (It's only half-days for him but I'll take whatever I can get!) I see more writing time in my future! Maybe.

We are planning to drive our family down to Disneyland for Christmas this year. Another first! Not for me, but for the kids. (I lived in San Diego for a few years.) They've seen commercials for Disneyland all their lives and have always viewed it as the un-attainable kingdom. Now we are looking forward to a new first to finish off the end of the year. What fun!

As I've been contemplating our firsts this year it has inspired me to find more firsts to share with the family. Not like...first visit to the E.R., first time a pet died, or first time the house burned down. But maybe we'll have a first time the kids made their own breakfast without any help, first song played on the piano, or first trip to somewhere new. Cheers, to a year of firsts!


  1. Gotta love those "firsts"! Last week I played soccer for the first time...and our kids stood on the sidelines and cheered.
    I sat by myself in Sacrament meeting for the first time ever. Hubby was away with kids and our youngest son was passing the sacrament, so I was on my own. It felt so strange.
    happy firsts!

  2. May you have a lot more happy firsts. The ones you named are good ones that will be remembered.

  3. Hmm. I'll have to start compiling my own list of firsts--what a fun idea.


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