Nov 16, 2011

Find your WHY

By Leesa Ostrander

Sorry this is posting a bit late....

Today was a busy day, many assessments to grade, words to write for Nanowrimo, and family in town visiting. One thought kept coming to my mind about a lesson we had in church on Sunday, affliction. Why do some people have more challenges than others?
It was not what the lesson topic was but the concept I could not stop thinking about. The teacher had asked a question why some people appear to have things come easier to them. He then continued, mentioning that some people seem to be financially better off, with little worries or have unwavering faith without apparent challenge. Why does it seem to be easier even for the individuals in this situation?
He waited for discussion. Nothing. We sat quietly.
He then added it is their strength they were given to help the less fortunate or bring up and gratify those that are in need. He reminded the group to not look at someone else and say, “Why is it easy for them but to ask how I can get to a position to help someone else?”

He continued with the rest of the lesson and I stayed there.
I have many friends with wonderful talents, fascinating careers and objectives and much to share with me. I wonder how I can give back when I am in the position of need. Remember, my long list of needed to do’s as well as family obligations.
I then thought back to when a friend suggested I “find my WHY.”
To find my why in what I do and the reasons I do.
My why is to help others. What can I do in my career, my family, my community to help those around me?

Now, I reflect on how my mission to “find my why” has gratified my reason to write and be a parent.

I did. I realize there are amazing people that writing comes easier or can edit with smooth and flawless sentence structure or can read as a constructive critique that we can gratify our lives with. I choose to have them be a part of my why.
I had to add a photo of Why, AZ as a joke for everytime we drove by the sign we would say why in AZ is there a Why? (hehe)


  1. I find myself going from the I-can-help place to the I-need-help place. That's been an adjustment I haven't made well.

  2. I enjoyed your post, Leesa. This is the challenge I was given a couple of weeks ago by a writing figure out my why. I like the way you put it. Thanks!

  3. Kari, was it the same instructor from before? How did he suggest you find your why?

    Terri, how do you cope with the change? I am in the trying to find my "why".

  4. Interesting. This is something I'll have to think about for awhile. Thanks, Leesa.


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