Nov 22, 2011

I get to say it first

by Terri Wagner

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I and well over half of my fellow Americans have decided to traverse this great country of ours via personal transport (ie car). And apparently tomorrow is HUGE travel day. Ok call me dumb but I didn't know that.

So I'm going to say a prayer when I head out and then repeat what one of my roomies used to say. Everyone obey the rules, no one has to die. Seriously. I thought it was pretty funny myself.

My mom and I are going to spend our holiday together yakking and sitting around and just enjoying being together without any other siblings or grands around. Sometimes that can be fun.

Oh football there will be football. Roll Tide Roll!!!


  1. "Everyone obey the rules. No one has to die." Makes me think of when my kids were younger and all living at home. This little gem would have come in handy then. ; ) Hope you're Thanksgiving was a happy one.

  2. The quiet holidays are often the best ones.


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