Nov 30, 2011

Ode To Thanksgiving Leftovers

By Melinda Carroll

The month is gone, where did you go?
Goodbye fall leaves, it's time for snow.

And with another season change,
My food I'll have to rearrange,

Oh turkey, it is time to leave,
I know it seems hard to believe,

'Tween ghosts and elves you were the bridge,
But now your scraps are in my fridge,

And going bad, I'm sad to say,
They won't last even one more day.

Out rolls and sweet potato pie,
Out mashed potatoes, my oh my,

'Cause I need room for Christmas treats,
for custard, ham and yummy sweets,

So leftovers, it's time to part,
But know you'll stay deep in my heart,

Until next year when one more time,
we meet again to feast sublime.


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