Nov 27, 2011


by Marsha Ward

It's been a very busy time in my household, with me trying to move enough things from the old house to the new to be able to invite guests to celebrate Thanksgiving with me. My daughter and one son were able to come over 100 miles to be with me, and although my daughter had to return home Thursday night, my son spent the next three days with me. I took him home today, signed some paperwork for my daughter, and then came home myself. I'm not sure whether I'm exhilarated or exhausted. Maybe a bunch of both! I do know I'm very grateful for family and friends at this special time of year. Wherever you fit into that continuum, thank you!


  1. I am glad you had time to connect with family and hope you get time to rest.

  2. I am extremely grateful for friends and family. Our Thanksgiving was very quiet. Missed having grans around. but it was also very restful. I think we all needed that! hugs~

  3. It's a great way to spend a Thanksgiving isn't it?


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