Nov 8, 2011

The Unexpected Kota

by Terri Wagner

It's 12:21 AM as I write this, full of some shot the doctor gave me for my semi-annual sinus infection. Naturally 11 hours after the shot, I'm wide awake. I'm not alone though. A faithful yellow lab is lying at my feet under the computer desk, raising her head every now and then to ask when I'm finally going to bed so she can too. That's Kota. She came to us oddly and wound her way into our hearts that were aching over losing Belle, our golden.

What I know of Kota's past isn't pretty. Nothing horrible but she came to us as a favor to a friend who hinted that she had been treated somewhat badly. It took some time for her to realize this was a permanent home with fields to roam, food on demand and love to share.

It took a while but in time Kota showed us her true colors. She's not a lab at all. She's golden in her mannerisms and in her ways. We marvel how a paper-labeled Labrador could really be a golden in disguise. I think she just knew somehow in that way that dogs do that we really missed our golden gone too soon and felt she could give us joy since we gave her a home.

Now she has our hearts as well. I can't wait for my Belle to meet Kota. I have a feeling they might already know each other. I am grateful beyond words to know our prophets have left us assurances we can be reunited with beloved pets.

I thank Heavenly Father each day for giving us Kota who to be honest at first was taken in as a gesture of goodwill and friendship but has become one of us.

She's stretching now. That's her signal. Time's up. Let's go to sleep. And I promise you she will nosing around my bed because on special occasions I allow her to sleep with me...maybe this will be one of those times.


  1. Oh, I wish I could meet your Kota! Pets are wonderful, aren't they! We are having fun getting to know our newest kitty addition. We love our dog Gentry. He is a Brittany and so full of devotion and loyalty. Thanks for your sweet post. hugs~

  2. I find my bedtime when my cat comes and lays on the keyboard.

    Great post.

  3. Aw, that's so sweet! A few weeks ago my mom had to put her beloved dog Tammy to sleep. I had a dream the other night that Tammy was playing with Peaches, our childhood dog that we still miss terribly. I'm so glad to know we'll all be reunited again.

  4. I know I am late responding but your post is very touching. My pets keep me sane, especially my dog, Yoda, that came to us as my Coco dog was old and failing. I love my pets that are gone as well. I think when they all meet on the other side they will be friends even the cats and the birds. Although I expect some friendly harassment.

  5. I'm glad you have Yoda, and I am glad Yoda has you. I have a Burnese Mountain dog named Koby and a Lhasa named Fluffy. They are always excited to see me (or, is it the treats in my hand)?


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