Nov 10, 2011

Holiday Season

By Susan G. Haws                             photo:  Santa’s in Town by Photoart1

You may be wondering why I have a Santa picture when Halloween is hardly past. Well, I am behind on most of my goals but I wanted to share one goal I met.  That objective was to have 90+% of my Christmas gifts purchased or made before the start of the holiday season.  I am usually a last minute shopper and crafter. But I managed with the help of an elf to get my 90+ and get 98% of my wrapping done (I don't wrap everything.)  before Halloween.

I set this objective as a step to my overall goal of hosting the Spirit of Christmas for the full Christmas Season. She is not fond of my usual "Bah Humbug" grumbling and only makes short visits most years.  I let her know I am not aiming for an elaborate celebration. The accommodations will be simple, but if she would like a retreat from the lights and the crowds, she is welcome to the guest room at my home. We can watch holiday specials on the Hallmark channel together and nibble on some carrot sticks or chocolate almonds.

I wish I could say the Spirit of Christmas was interested in year round residence at my house like when she moved in with Dickens' Scrooge. But as old Scrooge learned there is always opportunity for improvement, and this is my way of letting her know she could relax here. Granted, I may not get Christmas cards out, we'll see. (If not it won't be the first time.) But I am trying to decrease the stress and increase the peace.

Well, the Spirit of Christmas has come by and watched a couple shows and played with my dog and cats. She is pleased with my progress this year and promised to stop by again later. 


  1. Love it! I'm all for decreasing stress! Thanks for the reminder! hugs~

  2. Good for you! We can all use less stress.

  3. This is the way to do it, I think. There's too much going on between shopping, wrapping, decorating, parties, family time, and baking to be able to enjoy it if you wait until after Thanksgiving to start. In mind, that's insanity.

  4. Doing it early just means you can enjoy the season better.

  5. Great job Susan! I need to follow your example!

  6. Go, Susan! Mostly done before Halloween! One of these of these years. (sighs)


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