Dec 8, 2011

Food, Gifts, and the Holidays

Susan G. Haws

At my house the two humans have two diets. We have the Cream, Gravy, Carbs, and Chocolate diet and we have the lettuce, meat, and almonds diet. You can guess which one I am on (Team Rabbit), but I prepare and serve team Cream/Chocolate as well.

Last night some nice young men and their leader delivered a lovely plate of holiday goodies. The cookies were packed with chocolate chips the icing and sprinkles were thick on the sugar cookies, there were mini muffins and even reindeer cookies and all were at that perfect softness. (Some neighborhood mothers must have been baking up a storm. You can't tell me any of those shiny faced boys did more than run out the door with their containers of yummies. I also suspect some female guidance in the lovely arrangement of the items on the holiday platter.)

I was on an important phone call when they arrived and not so pleased to see more inedibles. I already had whole milk, half and half, egg nog, premium ice cream and several kinds of chocolate truffles in my kitchen. None of which I eat.) So I may have sounded a bit Grinchish when I asked who the gift was from and and grudgingly wished the boys  "Merry Christmas."

(No,  I didn't trash the goodies. Tempting but no.) I encouraged consumption until not another morsel would fit.

This morning a little spark ignited in my coal heart by a different gift. There were some treats but the giver knew I was on a diet and was able to tell me just how much of a cheat it would be. So I splurged and enjoyed it. There was also a non food item (a DVD) and it was one we had already discussed so I knew she valued it and she knew I wanted it. Also both parts of the gift could be shared by both the cream team and the green team.

Both teams have been blessed with thoughtful gifts already this year. I hope I can be as thoughtful a giver. What are some gifts that have helped or touched you?

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  1. Getting to spend an afternoon shopping with my mom...and we didn't even buy anything!


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