Dec 20, 2011

Santa & Crying

by Terri Wagner

Why do we insist in dragging young children all decked out to meet Santa? We had my little grand niece (great niece not sure here) all dressed up in a frilly black-n-red dress, ribbons in her blond hair, black patent shoes and a black bolero jacket (which surprisingly dad bought). She looked adorable. Everyone in the mall oohhed and ahhhed over her.

Now this young lady is quite fearless. She fussed a bit in line but fortunately it wasn't a long wait. Waved to Santa while in line. Watched the older girl before no problem. Got situated on Santa's knee just fine. Looked in the camera and howled. We laughed. The crew asked if we wanted the photos and of course we said yes. Something to embarrass her with in years to come.

While I was plotting my father's gift (which btw when you're broke, you seem to have clever ideas for gifts since you can't really afford much), I found a photo of her big sister with Santa same age same howling giggle. Wonder why kids howl so and why we think it's hysterical?

Sometimes I think the British royal family has it right. Since they can obviously afford what they want when they want, they buy gag gifts for each other at Christmas. And I knew one family that had this dreadful tie that got passed around year after year. I think I'll start a new tradition just for my gift giving. From now on, I'll just find clever, inexpensive gifts for friends and family. Most of all whom (who? I can never keep that straight) can buy what they want when they want or it's something I couldn't afford to give them anyway. Like my mom would love a condo on the beach (so would I), my sister a sports car (not my style), my brother got his new motorcycle (terrified of them) and the rest of the gang just seriously needs mola to get through some rotten times. Dear old dad footing the bills for us all is upset I'm driving my aging car to mom's for Christmas.

Yea IF I can't be rich, I'll just settle for fun. Here's hoping the gang agrees.


  1. I love the idea of giving gag gifts! We'd have a blast doing that.

  2. I love your thoughts, Terri. Needing to be resourceful in the gift department due to our own budget limitations has turned my heart to my children and to my fathers. A family history collection of stories and conversions and pictures has come out of this well as the side benefit getting my pictures more organized as I search through all those unpacked boxes still stacked in the garage. I am living more in gratitude than ever. Merry Christmas hugs~

  3. I think gag gifts are the way to go. I've flat run out of ideas for my husband, and since he has a mustache
    I might as well find him a mustache cup to drink out of. What a gas!

    The first time I took my kids to sit on Santa's lap, they were so terrified, I never "made" them sit on his knee again, not even for a photo-op.

  4. I think the idea of a new gag tradition or a gift from the heart of a message or an item you already have or food gifts are great. Books even previously loved books are gifts I always enjoy.

    I think a gag gift depends on the humor of the people involved or if they are expecting it or not. You know your family and friends, if unsure maybe suggest it.

  5. Thanks Terri,
    Good post. My favorite Christmas was when all gifts had to be home made. Each of my children, some quite young at the time rose to the challenge. It was lovely. In fact, I think I will write my next ANWA blog about it. Thanks for the ideas.

  6. The more I think of the gag gift the more I love it. We need humor and simplicity, or at least I do.


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