Dec 25, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas, and a Happy Blogging New Year

by Marsha Ward

I'm wishing all our readers a glorious holiday season and an awesome Year 2012.

Christmas kind of snuck up on me this year, what with my continuing moving adventures (ever tried it in the snow?), so I won't say any more about that holiday, except to mention that I've had a lovely time.

I always check with our Blog Team each six months to see if their lives allow them to continue with us. Three have had enough changes come along that they are bowing out, so on January 1st, we'll say goodbye to Wendy Jones, Tanya Mills, and Melinda Carroll. Taking their spots will be Margaret Turley, Debra Erfert, and Nikki Spencer.

I'm always torn when the six month mark comes around, because I'm sad when we're obliged to lose our past bloggers, but I always welcome new faces and voices to our team. Is there a term for this ambivalent feeling of sadness mixed with joy? If so, I have it.

Thanks to all our retiring bloggers, and welcome, newbies!


  1. It's kinda like when people are released and others are called isn't it? But notice we always first thank those who are leaving and so I echo Marsha's thanks to Wendy, Tanya and Melinda. And then welcome in Margaret, Debra and Nikki.

  2. Marsha and Terri said it best. Thanks Wendy, Tanya, and Melinda.
    Welcome Margaret, Debra and Nikki.


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