Dec 21, 2011

...of DOOM!

by Kami Cornwall

Okay, I know my post is a little late in the day but I have a perfectly good explanation! I was held hostage! It's true! Our family decided on the riverboat ride at Disneyland (our Christmas gift to ourselves this year) and though it seemed benign initially, we've now re-named it...the Riverboat of DOOM.

It was all going smoothly at first. The river was peaceful, the animatronics were minding their own business, and then right when we got past the eagle's nest the riverboat stopped. Since I had never been on the riverboat before I didn't suspect anything was wrong.

After 5 peaceful minutes the riverboat captain announced that we were experiencing "MINOR" technical difficulties and that we would need to evacuate the boat. A raft from Tom Sawyer's Island pulled up but instead of the mad rush from the rich to get on the one life-boat that wouldn't possibly hold us all, knowing the rest of us were sure to sink like the Titanic, a group of men boarded the boat, pulled open an important looking hatch, talked while rubbing their chins, then started her up again at half-speed and we managed to crawl back to the dock.

We got fast passes to any attraction for our troubles, which were quickly used at the Haunted Mansion. The Mansion is decorated for Christmas in full Tim Burton style. Fans of Nightmare before Christmas have been squealing with glee! And that's why I couldn't post earlier. But try not to feel TOO sorry for me.


  1. Uh I'm not feeling sorry for you but I am feeling a bit envious ha.

  2. What a terrible way to spend a day--relaxing in the sunshine with your family. Sheesh! I can imagine what the bright decorations looked like. What a festive experience for your children to remember.

  3. Hmmm! Doesn't sound much like doom - just exciting. Glad you could spend it with your family.
    Merry Christmas,
    Margaret L. Turley

  4. Oh, I don't feel sorry for you one tiny bit. I feel sorry for ME! LOL The Haunted Mansion is my second-favorite ride, next to Pirates of the Caribbean of course. I seriously love me some Tim Burton! How are those fast passes? I've heard they're pretty awesome.

  5. Yes, we ATE LUNCH at the Pirates of the Carribbean! Woohoo! I felt so posh. We split a dinner though because it was expensive and also it was a LOT of food. But what a neat experience! Everything tasted amazing.

  6. Yeah, I feel sorry for you like I feel sorry for Bill Gates. Pirates of the Caribbean is my favorite.


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