Dec 30, 2011

My Favorite Christmas Gift?

The morning before Christmas, my husband wakes up and tells me he has one more gift to purchase.
With all the traffic and congestion and crowding.
“We’ve done it all,” I tell him, not wanting him gone with so much left at home to do. “The toys, bikes, stocking stuffers, all the goodies we need for Christmas we have.  Everything’s done.”
“I need to get one more thing,” he insists.  He laces up his shoes and runs out the door.
“Alright,” I say to myself and start the morning routine of baby bottles, diaper changes and breakfast.
Over an hour later, my husband returns home with a bag hidden under his shirt and a smirk on his face. 
“Is the wrapping paper in the bedroom still?” he asks, but he’s already shut and locked our bedroom door.

Christmas morning was perfect with happy faces and lots of surprises.  After the kids opened their gifts, my oldest son Chandler hands me a package from underneath the tree.
“Here, Mom,” he says.  “From Santa.”
My other children wanted to go outside to ride their new bike/scooter/skateboard (with 5 kids, take your pick), but I sat back to open this mysterious gift from Santa.
I tore the paper open and gasped.
I looked up at my husband with tear-filled eyes, amazed at how well he knows me.
A book.
He’d given me a book.
The 3rd in Nancy Turner’s series from These Is My Words.
“I know you just finished Sarah’s Quilt, so I wanted to get you Star Garden.”
“This is what you ran out to get yesterday?” I asked, touched that he’s aware of what I’m reading and anxious to find me what I want to read next.
What a wonderful gift and I’m not just talking about the book Star Garden, although I can’t wait to start it.
Did you get a book for Christmas?  If not, which book would you most want as a gift today?


  1. What a sweet and thoughtful hubby!

    I would love to give all my friends a copy of all the books published by my ANWA friends...and a whole slew of others.

  2. :-)I LOVE when books are wrapped for birthday, Christmas, V-day, any day. I did receive a few books and my daughter also wanted books from Santa Clause. I received The Long Run. No books from ANWA writers :-(

    maybe next year.

    I would like to read Sarah Eden's (have friend hooked on them) and Born to Run

  3. What a smart and thoughtful man.
    I did get some books for Christmas and it warms my heart. Kari said it best I would like to give everyone I know books from the authors I know.

  4. Score! for your husband.

    For my birthday, which wasn't long ago, my son's friend gave me Pres. Monson's biography! I was amazed and very touched at the perfection of the gift and the thoughtfulness of this great young man.

    Not many 20 year olds are as aware of others as he is. Paraguay will be blessed to have him serving as a missionary there soon!


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