Dec 15, 2011

Priceless Gifts

by Kari Pike

I have been struggling to figure out why I should continue trying to write. What is my goal? I want to write things that will bring myself and others closer to Christ - to bear testimony of Him and help others feel His love - to help others see and feel and come to know who they are in His eyes (the only true mirror- He sees us exactly as we are and as we can be) and to recognize the gifts that he gives us each and every day - to recognize that He has much more waiting for us, just for the asking. If we seek, we will find. If we ask, He will answer. If we knock, He will open the door for us.

What gifts are waiting for me? Am I assigned just certain ones or do I get to choose? How do I choose? How do I come to know the purpose for which I was created? I know I was sent here to love and to learn. How do I show and share that love? What does love mean? I do believe that by exercising faith, I can come to know the Savior better and He will guide me along the path that will help me become who I am meant to be.

How can I help others feel and see that marvelous light of God? I love the feeling that comes with recognizing the light in each person I meet and rejoicing in who they are and being grateful for them in my life. My life is blessed through their gifts. Yet, all too often, I struggle to recognize these daily gifts. I only see the lack, the hardship, the struggle.

How can I write something that will help myself and others recognize our spiritual gifts? It's one thing to see people face to face and tell them how much I appreciate them and their gifts. What can I write that will touch the hearts of complete strangers?

I received the most precious gift this year for Christmas. My husband and I made a quick trip to Phoenix last week to return the car my parents crashed up here in November. I had planned on spending Friday with my parents. My mom has been ill for a number of years. I packed my computer and some writing projects and intended to just hang out with her and get some writing done while we watched movies. When I walked into the house, my mom was up and dressed and smiling.

"Do you want to go out somewhere? Let's go do something! I'm having a good day today!"

You have to know, that my mom and I used to shop til we dropped. That was our "thing." We loved going home and showing Dad all the deals we found and how much money we saved him by spending his hard earned cash! We hadn't been able to enjoy that activity together for several years. Of course, we hightailed it to the mall! For four hours we wandered up and down, trying on jewelry and clothes, sharing a sandwich in the food court, and indulging in a piece of chocolate.

Did you know gloves can talk? The purple leather, cashmere lined ones, with the buckles on the know...the ones in the Coach store? They said,

"Do these make my fingers look fat?"

They tried to entice me to buy them...but one look at the price tag was all I needed to gently place them back across their matching bag.

And that necklace in Macey's...stunning. We didn't dare touch it.

Like those ads we see on TV - purple gloves - $128.00, diamond/sapphire necklace - $10,000 - enjoying the day laughing with my mom and not spending any money- absolutely priceless.

Now my questions are different. What gifts can I give my Savior? He has given me more than I could ever hope for. What am I willing to give up so that I can be closer to my Savior? What am I going to do to show my gratitude? I will acknowledge His gifts not only through my actions but through the written word. I may not write them very well, but they will be sincere and they will be true. And they will be filled with love.

Thank you for being my friends. I wish all of you a joyful Christmas and New Year.


  1. Lovely post, Kari. Nice to have our POV changed everyone once in a while. Gives us an entirely different perspective, doesn't it?

  2. Wonderful post! Since I love this fabulous blog I gave all you lovely writers an award on my blog :-D

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  4. Time with our family, and those we love, laughing, talking, and being together, truly is priceless. Thanks for a great post Kari. Merry Christmas.

  5. I love this post, Kari. I wonder often about the gifts or talents I've been blessed with, and if I'm using them in the way I'm supposed to be. Thanks for your wonderful thoughts.

  6. Double great gift, love of a mother and returning the love to the Savior. Great post.

  7. Yea kinda like that feeling of what's my gift to the Savior this year.

  8. Thank you Kari! I love reading your posts. It's almost like you are nearby! Merry Christmas!


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