Dec 7, 2011

Word Peeves

by Kami Cornwall

This week I have heard on at least three different occasions the mis-pronunciation of a few words as well as a phrase that is misused time and again. I have to get this off my chest and what better way than venting in a blog read by fellow writers. Hunh? Hunh? Humor me, people.

Okay, say it with me: Button. Not buddun. If you say it quickly it may sound like "bu 'n" but said like "buddun" and you sound like you have a head-cold...but only when saying one or two words. Same goes for "certain." Cerdain drives me crazy! Prounounce the "T" people and I won't threaten to punch the air in inconsequential rage.

My annoying phrase of the week is "I couldn't care less." That would be right. "I could care less" is what I keep hearing, but that implies that I actually care a little and so there is room for me to in fact care less than I currently do. Make sense? So "I could care less" means I actually care somewhat. If you want to really sock it to 'em you should say "I couldn't care less," as in, "I couldn't care less what Kami is blogging about today. She's really on one!"

Deep, cleansing breath.

That is all.


  1. ROFL! I COULD care less is one of my BIGGEST peeves. UGH! Drives me nuts!

    I have a dear friend/co-worker who mispronounces two words ALL.THE.TIME. I cannot stand it!
    CHARCO is not the same as CHARCOAL
    and FIASCAL is not a word. It's fiasco...*sigh*

  2. People saying "I could care less" when they mean "I couldn't care less" has been a pet peeve of mine for so long that now when I hear it used correctly I have to stop and think whether it was used properly or not since I hear it the wrong way so often.
    An other pet peeve is "mal" when people mean mile.
    It also annoys me when people use ancester when they mean descendant and vice versa.

  3. OOOPs. I misspelled ancestor and who knows what else.

  4. Gosh does that include accents? Cuz down here we def say things interestingly to say the least. Like cousin is cuz; drop all "g" as in goin' to the store giggle and btw that would be carry not goin' anyway. Ain't English fun?

  5. I read this earlier on Wednesday and I found myself correcting my daughter on Friday. She said, "lidderal." Teacher mode kicked in and I said, "No, you say lit-teral." After three attemps I had her break it down and now Saturday morning she said with excitment a only a six year old can have, "I can say it! lit-er-ol" haha I guess I still have time


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