Dec 6, 2011

Random Thoughts

by Terri Wagner

Walter Williams, a very interesting economic professor, often has a column he calls random thoughts. Just things that have occurred to him over a select period of time. I thought it might be fun to do the same.

Why is it when I was busy commuting and working I never missed a cyber meeting or a blog entry? Is it really true that the busier we are, the more time we make for doing things?

Why is the media still focused on "fair and balanced" when we are all way past that point? I don't want to know what the "other" side thinks...I get the feeling no one is really telling the truth anyway. And isn't that a scary place to be?

Just when you figure life out and have a direction you feel good about going in, someone comes in and changes it. Sometimes I suppose this could be a good thing, but most of the time, it's a really difficult thing.

Is it really comforting to know you aren't the only one and in point of fact not nearly as bad off as others?

Why is it that when you finally decide you want to watch the BYU channel, you keep forgetting it's on?

Why did HGTV go to real estate shows and cancel (they don't cancel they just go away) all the decorating shows?

Why do I love Christmas so much? I mean the secular side of Christmas like the lights, the food, the music, the sappy movies, etc.?

Anyone else have any random thoughts?

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  1. I left a comment before. Or I thought so, and now it is gone. Don't remember the "brilliant" (Ha Ha) things I said before but enjoyed your random thoughts and if you ever learn the answers feel free to share.


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