Oct 7, 2012

Back to Conference!

By Jennifer Debenham

It feels like a holiday at my house. How about yours? Whenever conference time rolls around, we all get a little excited for the opportunity to sit at home on a Sunday morning IN OUR PAJAMAS! and watch the wonderful, inspiring, you-can-do-it messages.

Like other "holidays," we have created our own little traditions. Besides comfy pajamas on bodies, cozy blankets on laps, and conference packets or journals in hand, having a yummy brunch while watching seems like the perfect way to complement the spiritual feast we enjoy emanating from the big screen.

On today's menu:

    Breakfast casserole

    Stir-fried potatoes with green onions and peppers

    Butterscotch pull-aparts

    Fresh Raspberries and Blackberries

    Fresh squeezed orange juice

What do you do to "celebrate" conference?


  1. We choose special breakfasts. This year it's chocolate muffins and biscuits and chocolate gravy. During Conference we play a bingo game in the morning with M&M's, and a different food related activity in the afternoon. What can I say, food makes the celebration.

    We also record the speakers and their messages in our journals.

  2. Journals,special breakfast-brunch foods. Sometimes we have fresh bagels, but this time it's hot cinnamon rolls...as many as they care to eat! We try to visit family in between or have a family dinner after the last sessions. hugs~

  3. Since it's just me, I like to sleep and dawdle around until conference is on. But I'm going to seriously consider adding a yummy breakfast.

  4. Coming from back east, and not having conference on TV,on Sunday conference our ward would have a potluck during sessions (12-2 and 4-6). Most of us lived too far to go home in-between, so we munched and mingled. My daughter just said she misses when we had to go to the ward building to watch conference on satellite. She enjoyed being with her church friends which she only saw on Sundays or at Seminary at 6:00 a.m.
    Me, I like sleeping in and watching conference in my PJs. I spent Saturday between sessions winterizing my gardens and was done just as 2:00 hit.
    I LOVE watching conference on TV. I love Utah!


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