Oct 13, 2012

Submit it! Pep talk #1

by Cindy R. Williams

Do you have a manuscript complete? If so, SUBMIT IT!

Or . . . are you making excuses?

Here are some excused I have used (and am still using on a few of my works.)

"It is not ready." (Will it ever be?)

"I need to edit it, AGAIN." (Oh really? I think 25 times really is enough.)

"I think I need a few more people read it first." (Beta readers are good, but after you take candid advise and make your revisions and possibly one more read through with beta readers and a bit more tweaking, let it go.)

"It's scary." (Sure it is. That's why so few really make it.)

"No one will really want to read this anyway." (Look in the mirror and say, "I am a good writer," ten times. Positive affirmations are needed here.)

"I don't know to who, or where to submit." (Check out Writers Market, and Google query markets. You will find a ton and networks leading to many more.)

"I need to get organized and research and make a list to submit to." (Don't get bogged down, just make a list or create a document and do it.)

"It has already been rejected. Even though I have changed it, made it tighter, more exciting, cleaner . . . still it has already been rejected so it probably will be again." (Positive affirmations needed once again. Think of the many times successful authors were rejected before their work finally found a home. Also, have you read some of the junk in the library? It is a high probability that you write as well or better than half of what you find there.)

How about,
"I can't submit this. It's just garbage." (You need some high quality melt in your mouth chocolate to drop kick this false thought out the solar system.)

If you take a few minutes and look deep inside, the real answer may be, "I'm afraid. It's my baby. What if others tell me it's no good? What if they think I can't write?

If that is the case, let me suggest you take a day or so to ponder WHY you're writing. It always comes back to this.

In my case, I feel there is a great need in our world today for wholesome writing. I want to write things that help others, bring hope, faith, clean entertainment and smiles, especially for children. I know that becoming a best seller is akin to lightning striking, but that won't stop me from reaching my goal of writing and publishing wholesome stories. As I send some of my babies out into the subjective world of agents, editors and publishers, I vow to keep coming back to why I write so for each "no," I won't give up.

What is your purpose in writing?

Figure it out, and hang on to it.

Go ahead and take a leap of faith and SUBMIT your manuscript.

Every "no" is one step closer to a "yes!"


  1. Good advice, all, Cindy! I appreciate the pep talk! Now if I just had a complete manuscript to submit! ha! hugs~

  2. You will Kari. Your name will be up in lights some day.


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