Oct 9, 2012

Do You Love Me?

by Terri Wagner

Did Elder Jeffrey Holland hit it out of the ballpark or what? I was riveted. Even more important my non member father was riveted. We felt not just heard every word he said. I was there watching the whole scene unfold as our precious Savior gave Peter the chance to "undo" his three denials by asking him three times if he loved him.

I was especially touched when Elder Holland said I imagine they all looked around at each other and said something like, great three years guess it's back to work.

In my spiritual life (along with my writing life), I have had moments so sublime, so real, the real world seemed colorless and disappointing. Only to turn away from the experiences and think ok back to work. The intensity of the spiritual insight tucked itself into a file in my brain to pop out only when I needed it for a talk or lesson.

What a waste!

As Elder Holland laid out step by step what the Savior might have said to the apostles, I imagined the Savior talking to me maybe even using the same poetic license. I have given you such faith, such miracles, such insight, such love...did you think I just did it for that moment in time? Did you not understand I expected more from you?

It was not a sense of despair that came into my heart but one of joy...strange as that may sound. Suddenly I wanted to take all I had been given and use it...well! A re-dedication if you will of what the Savior told Peter...feed my sheep.

My experiences and your experiences are not just for us. How many times did Joseph Smith share his intimate experiences for our benefit? How many times have our leaders showed us the path to follow?

For the first time in a long time, I wanted to "shout for joy." My mission was renewed and presented to me in a way that made it frankly impossible to turn away.

I am resolved to follow President Hinckley's advice of try a little more each day to be better. That seems doable. I am also resolved not to let this pure simple moment of truth to get filed away.

That was my conference experience. What was yours?

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  1. Love this post, Terri! I'm still trying to wrap my head around the talks and announcements from the first session...and Elder Holland's talk was phenomenal. I can't wait for the Ensign to arrive so that I can study the talks more in depth! hugs~


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