Oct 11, 2012

Nuances of Conference

By Susan Knight

Everyone seems to be writing about General Conference, so since this is still in the week after conference—and I, for one, am still thinking about all those spiritual talks—I decided I would follow suit.

I watched conference with my daughter on Saturday and it was nice to have another perspective on what is seen and heard during that uplifting time. She is young (23) and doesn’t have the verve I have for the gospel, perhaps, though she is solid with a tremendous testimony. It seems we each have our own ways of worshiping—me with my animation; she with her laid back rhythm.

I always pray during the week before conference that someone will say something just for me. I am never disappointed. I sit on the edge of my seat (okay, not really; I’m on a recliner), a zealot, waiting for words to drop out of the general authorities’ mouths to show me how to improve my life. I listen for correlations of ideas from those holy people that apply to my life and teach me how I can become a better person. I appreciate and sing with the hymns and songs from the choir. I don’t want conference to end.

Conversely, my daughter, commented about how we always sing the same old songs during conference, like “We Thank Thee O God for a Prophet.” I never noticed that. I like all the songs, regardless.
She then confided in me, that instead of sitting leisurely on the sofa in our PJs, me crocheting, she missed attending at the ward building for conference as we did back east. She liked the camaraderie of all the people together worshiping, listening. We had potluck suppers during conference sessions because most of us lived too far away to go home. We enjoyed each others’ company. There was no church business to accomplish; only being together with friends and family. Children were especially reverent and sat coloring or playing conference games on paper.

Hearing my daughter reminisce of conferences past validated me. I know now she has a contentment that comes from consistency and diligence in worshiping our Savior, attending church, conferences, seminary, institute, and living all the pat answers of prayer, service, reading the scriptures, and attending sacrament meeting and the temple.

Did anyone notice the story about Peter, the fisherman, was told twice? To me, that’s a double witness that the story is important in our day. Never turn away from the gospel. Never go back to old ways. Look forward and be steadfast in your testimony.

I wish we had a monthly General Conference, or, at least, quarterly. I look forward to receiving and reading my November Ensign.

What were your favorite talks from this conference? What nuances did you perceive?


  1. Elder Holland always blows me away, but I thought Elder Oaks' talk about children will become a classic. Elder Bowen's talk about losing a child really hit home, coming just six months after the death of our born-too-early grandson. Feelings are still pretty tender, but that helped strengthen us.

    1. Sorry it took me so long to comment, but I left on vacation right after I wrote this.
      I'm so sorry about your grandson. I'm so glad you were strengthened by the talks we heard.

  2. Ditto what Pam said. And I did notice the repetition of a couple of topics and references. It made me ponder a bit about what our leaders are being taught by each other, and what experiences they are going through or are witnessing. I loved all the talks. I enjoyed reading your experience with your daughter, too!

    1. I love your comment about wondering what our leaders are teaching each other.


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