Oct 23, 2012

Life Gets Busy on One Day

by Terri Wagner

It seems like my life goes completely boring then all at once everything happens...then it goes back to boring. I could get off on my historical millings about how there are centuries of quiet followed by decades of trouble followed by quiet until the 20th century which seems to accelerate towards some huge event we assume to be the Second Coming.

So today I got called in to substitute teach...first call in a very long time. It was for a Language Arts and History teacher which is my certified courses. Loved it. The kids were wonderful, we had a good time, and hopefully they learned something. Every time I get to teach I remember how much I really want to do this and how I am hopeful it is going to work out. Although I am repeatedly told there are 30-40 applicants for every open position. Scary times is all I can say.

So how do you fit in writing on a blog? In the wee hours of the waning evening, you think please let me write something worth someone's time to read. And then it hit me how much of an obligation we have to each other. If you're busy and I'm busy (at times) then what we stop to read to each other should matter.

So here's my take for the day...I'm really grateful to the Osmonds. Because of what they did and who they are, I found out about this church called the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. And thanks to Elder Wach and Elder Humphries, I was challenged to know for myself if this was true. And since the day of my baptism, I have been blessed to find a helping hand every step of the way.

There were years when I wondered if I knew what I was into and if I even believed but now thanks to John Bytheway who put it best: I have no doubts...a ton of questions...but no doubts.

A testimony is a precious thing. I wanted to share that with everyone. To me, that is worth reading. Hope you think so as well.

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  1. Worth every minute! Thank you for sharing your testimony and your perspective. I'm glad you got to teach at least one day! Keeping you in my prayers! hugs~


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