Oct 20, 2012


By Bonnie Harris

I always find it interesting to see/read about the different ways people plot their books, at least those who aren't pantsers. I ran across this post by Sarah M Eden and found it very informative. She uses a board. Now, I've heard of this method and have even seen others post pictures of their plotting boards, but none recently, and I remember someone in my writing group struggling to come up with a way to organize the info she already has put together.

So, this is for anyone who needs an idea of how to plot a book or anyone who just wants to take a look (because Sarah's posts always promise to be entertaining) or anyone who wants to see another version of a posterboard storyboard or whatever you call it.

Enjoy and Happy Writing!

How I Plot A Novel by Sarah M Eden


  1. I ran across this same post not too long ago. It's great. Thanks for the post.


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