Dec 18, 2012

Happy Birthdays

by Terri Wagner

There's something magical about being born in December. Just ask Joseph Smith, I'm sure he'd agree. Our family has an overabundance of birthdays in December crossing at least four generations. Why? Don't ask, I don't know (wink wink nudge nudge). But I remain the first birthday for the far. In my immediate family that meant Christmas season had officially arrived. We celebrated Thanksgiving as that and nothing else happened until the 5th. Then the tree went up, decorations came out, and Christmas music filled the air. And funnily enough I still stick to that matter that the stores now start Christmas at Halloween. I hate the fact that Thanksgiving seems to get lost in the "holiday" train that starts with Halloween and ends around here with Mardi Gras.

We continue onward all the way to the 28th with birthdays. One had the honor of the 25th which means all his gifts were given on one day. And one who had the dubious honor of the 26th. Have you ever tried to throw a birthday party on that day??!! Don't bother...only those who feel intensely obligated will show We did a half birthday celebration once on June 26 with half a cake, half a get the idea. Cute and went over big until the teens then we were back to oh well you know who really loves you if they show up on the 26th. Outside my family I have one friend with two children born in just never ends!

Whether the Savior was born in December or May or April or summer or whatever...we celebrate it December 25th, which always meant to me that "we" share something special. Every child born in December knows exactly what I mean when I say that. Although my parents were extremely careful to make sure I never "suffered" from joint birthday/Christmas gifts, nonetheless, all my gifts came around the same month. That never bothered me. Who doesn't want to be born when the entire world (ok most of the world) is celebrating an extraordinary day. Everything associated with Christmas is a part of my birthday celebration. People always smile a bit brighter and wish me a Happy Birthday and a Merry Christmas as if they were envious. I love it!

So don't feel sorry for us December babies...we have a special unique birthday moment every year (btw most people will remember December birthdays lol). And, so, Happy Birthday dear Alex...she's 27 today. That's a terrific age. I loved my 20s!

Happy Birthday to every December baby out there!

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  1. Happy December birthday, Terri! and Merry Christmas. I've been behind on following the just saw this. I think December is indeed a special time to have a birthday. hugs~


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