Dec 13, 2012

My Mom

by Kari Diane Pike

The transfusion pump is quiet right now. Yesterday, every single time Mom closed her eyes, that stupid alarm went off. She's finally sleeping. I think that evil machine is waiting for the charge nurse to leave the room so that it can ambush our ears again with its piercing alarm bell -- and wake Mom up for the umpteenth time (yep, there it goes...heavy sigh).

I don't mean to sound ungrateful. Just the opposite! Mom wouldn't be with us today if it wasn't for all the amazing advances in medical research and technology. I would much rather have the annoyance of buzzers and beepers and yes, even the headaches of dealing with insurance companies than not have my mom here.

We just finished writing out the rest of her Christmas cards. I am savoring every moment I get to spend time with my mom. She has always been there for me -- giving me life; saving me from drowning as a toddler; teaching me to love the Savior and have faith in Him; typing my term papers; planning my wedding; tending me after each childbirth. I owe my mother everything.

 Now it's my turn to be here for her -- to be her advocate; to run her errands; to tell funny stories that make her smile; and to hold her hand when it takes three hours to insert a new I.V. When I grow up I want to be just like my mom: faithful, charitable, classy, full of grace, beautiful (inside and out), and intelligent. Mom has always had the gift of discernment and that has kept me out of touble on more than one occasion.

She's sleeping again, finally. Gathering clouds outside the window difuse the sunlight, leaving a soft glow in the room. As I write this post, muffled sounds of tending to the ill and afflicted pass through the heavy door of the room.  Looking over the parking lot filled beyond capacity causes me to wonder about all the stories being lived within the walls of this hospital and reminds me that the Lord needs all of us to be His hands and serve our brothers and sisters.

I pray that all of you have a marvelous and beautiful Christmas and feel the love of the Savior.


  1. Beautifully put Kari. Your mom is a wonderful example for all of us. I love her dearly and I'm grateful to be a member of this wonderful family. I love you, Sis. Thank you for being by her side.

  2. Sweet, sweet post, Kari. Clearly, you are very much like your mother as I see in you all of the traits you appreciate in her. Thanks for sharing your thoughts at this most precious time.

    1. You are so sweet Stephanie. Thank you for your kind words.I can only wish to be half the woman my mom is. You are right up there on my hero list, too. I really appreciate the things you have taught me. hugs~

  3. Beautiful thoughts Kari. So important to remember. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you Kari. Merry Christmas to you and your family. I honor you for taking good care of you mother!


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