Dec 26, 2012

The Lights

by Jill Burgoyne

My post is late and short. But it's all due to the wonderful adventures of birthdays, Disneyland, moving, Christmas and Doctor's Appointments.

As I reflect on the Christmas season, I think about what traditions are my favorite part, and it's not hard for me to pick it out. I like looking at Christmas Lights. We went driving for Christmas lights at least 7 times this month. And most of them successfully put the babies in the back to sleep.

The first time was the first Monday in December. We went for family night and we talked the entire time about the Savior and how lights symbolize our Savior. I think our 3 year old got more than we thought she did.

My tree got put up three days before Christmas this year... it's because we moved and then had to find the boxes and then find the living room floor, but when the lights finally got put, up, my small children sat and watched that tree for long periods of time.

On Christmas morning, I had gone to bed about three hours before my husband did ( I blame the baby in my tummy) but I will have you know that I woke up about 2 and a half hours before he did. I was so very excited! I calmed myself down enough to read for a minute. Then I tried to go back to sleep, took a shower, read some more and finally began to doze off... just as my littlest baby cooed. I jumped out of the bed and my husband and a sleepy smile on his face. He then asked me to wait. WAIT! I sat with the girls and waited. He spent about five minutes setting up the lights and starting a fire in the fire place. When we walked out into the living room to see what Santa had brought us, it had only been light outside for about 15 minutes. And with the sun coming in and the Christmas tree lit up, adding to the glow of the fire, I just took away from that moment, the light.

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