Jan 14, 2013

And Thus, Another Semester has Begun...

By Claire Enos

I am so sorry I didn't post earlier today! Today has been pretty crazy for me. First, I wake up sick, then I can't turn on the bathroom light because all the power was out around here. They even cancelled classes until 11:30 this morning while they waited for the power to come back on campus. Of course all but two classes today were cancelled sometime last week, so I was only planning on going to my 9-10 class and my 3:15-4:15 class. I was so happy my 9-10 class was cancelled though, because I didn't want to go to class and get my classmates sick. I was fine skipping my 3:15-4:15 class, but because the internet was down until 20 minutes ago, I never posted my homework. 

Other than that, school has been great! I love my classes (4 English classes and 1 Religion class (Family History Research)). 

I hope your days have been so much better than mine! Stay healthy and keep writing!



  1. lol There is a lot to miss! I love school! Except when I get sick and mom isn't here to take care of me, then I don't like it so much. But my fhe brothers gave me a blessing of healing and I've been better. Still sore all over though. And I missed turning in 2 assignments because I've been out of it today and the internet was down most of the day.

  2. I hope you are feeling better Claire! Stay warm! hugs~

  3. Hope the sememster goes great for you Claire!


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