Jan 28, 2013

The Life of a College Student-- In Other Words... Lessons Learned in College

By Claire Enos

I almost completely forgot today was my day to post! I'm half asleep right now, sitting in the library because my next class doesn't start for another 45 minutes. I stayed up until nearly 2 in the morning, doing my homework that was due in class at 9 this morning.

In one of my many English classes I had today, we talked about an article written by Eliot Butler, called: "Everybody is Ignorant, Only on Different Subjects". I don't think anyone really thinks about this. We never think about the fact that given each different subject, we are all ignorant about something in this life. None of us know everything about every subject under the sun. Somehow, the class morphed into the idea that if we ever stop learning, we aren't truly eternally progressing.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is, keep learning. Even if you are already out of college and have been for years, keep learning. Learning is good for you! And besides, don't you want to learn as much as you possibly can while you are down here on Earth? I know I do!

Have an amazing day!



  1. I so believe that...there are things I am hopelessly in-adept at and yet others I do quite well.

  2. Well said! and yes, I so want to learn as much as I can while on this earth! hugs~

  3. I learn so much in my English classes!



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