Jan 15, 2013

Roll Tide Roll

by Terri Wagner

It's a very big deal around here. It's a very big deal to me because I graduated from the University of Alabama. It's sweet for our state...we love being in the running for the national championship.

It's also a big deal because it takes the right coach (and I don't necessarily mean a specific coach), the right guys, and the right fans to make it to the top; not once, not twice, but three times in four years (and in the case of Auburn, that makes it 4 ot of 4 for the state).

It's also a big deal because it's about commitment to your team, your coach, and your fans.

I feel very strongly that one of the main reasons (and this is finally changing thank goodness) that men had an up in the working world is because they usually had all participated in sports. It taught them valuable lessons about getting along with the ones who glory hog, the ones who slack off, and the ones you just can't stand. Have you every noticed that men can deal better with fellow co workers like that? I have.

It also makes you feel closer to your community when everyone walks around nodding and saying Roll Tide. You belong to something bigger.

I hope you don't take this as bragging as much as applauding. My Crimson Tide has had some bad years. From 1992, our last national championship, to 2009 have been rough years. We had a coach caught in an affair, team members ratting each other out, and fans who were embarrassed by NCAA probes.

So let me enjoy these past three (and four) years. Next year is probably what we call down here a re building year, i.e., don't expect another run for a championship LOL.


  1. Yaaay!! My Twin sister is dating an Alabama man, also a Graduate of U of Alabama. We have been well schooled on the magnificence of the Crimson Tide. May I respond in reverence...ROLL TIDE ROLE!

  2. And I will applaud with you...because I have enjoyed seeing your FB comments and seeing you have some fun! I think you made a very good observation that I had never considered before. My daughter's have all been heavily involved in sports. They have indeed learned great lessons in their experiences. great post.

  3. Fun to hear from a true fan. Glad for you!!!!


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