Jan 27, 2013

Feel the REAL--Characters that breathe.

By Jennifer Debenham

Some of my favorite writers are also amazing teachers. As you may remember, I had the opportunity to attend one of David Farland's week-long writing camps last April. It was fantabulous (I really think that should be a word), and since then I have subscribed to his Daily Kick in the Pants--something I greatly need and highly recommend.

My favorite post from this past week was actually written by his assistant, who incidentally attended the same writing camp that I did in April. Go Kami! Her post deals with assigning characters strengths and weaknesses and how we can increase the complexity of our characters AND the story by changing the context to make a strength a weakness and vice versa.

You can read all about it here.

Happy Writing.


  1. For me in book series, it's the characters I'm wanting to read about...the plot is important but it's the characters I want to be with...almost like imaginary friends.

  2. I agree Terri! Thanks for sharing! hugs~


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