Jan 8, 2013

Book Review "Born to Run"

 By Leesa Ostrander

I recently started reading “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall. It is a book written by a columnist looking to find out why his feet hurt when he runs.

The book was recommended by my chiropractor, my brother who is an avid Ironman competitor, my physician, physical therapist and many others. Each person had their own reason as to why it was a recommended read. I have not finished the book and it is not what I expected it would be about but am enjoying it immensely.

I now recommend it as an excellent read. It is a memoir on one man’s journey and is an addictive read, even if you have no desire to run or be any level of athlete.

First, it is very well written. Either McDougall has years of practice, great talent, excellent editor or combination of all to make the read enjoyable and completely immersed me into it.

Second, it has the themes I was looking for: personal growth, overcoming obstacles, and answering the question “why do I hurt when I run?” McDougall began the journey with a question, continued on his life path and was directed in to answering this very question. His line of work (columnist for Men’s Health) allowed him to travel to find the answers, seek professional advice and then on to discover a people of superhuman strength in Mexico.

It is interesting the connection to the lifestyle of this group of people as to how we see healthy living now. I almost see it as the persistence and attributes of the Laminates (but this is altogether a different topic).

He states that a gazelle wakes up each morning knowing it has to be faster than the fastest lion and a lion wakes up knowing it has to be faster than the slowest gazelle. Either way both animals wake up each morning and run.

Lastly, I am enjoying the book because I am highlighting quotes at an alarming rate. I rate my book satisfaction based on how much I bookmark and/or highlight. One quote I particularly relate to “The real mutants are runners who don’t get injured. Up to eight out of ten runners are hurt every year.” I know this from personal experience.

 However, one downside that I did not particularly care for is his worldly language. Some of the nonchalant wording is not high standard and the slight cursing is distracting to me. It may be common place in language now and I am not fond of it.

My overall review is this book is a keeper.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post, Lessa. I have been curious about that book myself. I love the quotes you highlighted. I guess I'm going to have to pick this one up! hugs~


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