Jan 13, 2013

How Moving Is Like Christmas, and What's On Your Reading List this Year?

By Jennifer Debenham

Please excuse the late post. Usually I write my Sunday post on Saturday night because Sundays are, well SUNDAYS. With family happily all about, it's hard to find a spare minute to write. This Saturday, however, our internet was out, so here it is the last wee-minutes of my Sunday evening, and I'm just barely sitting down to type a few thoughts.

As I've written before, we recently moved into our new home, after living with my parents for nearly a year while it was being built. It was wonderful to be with my parents who are about as perfect as any two people ever could be, but we are certainly enjoying our new home.

Opening our boxes after all that time has been like a second Christmas as I look at many favorite belongings that have been "hiding" for a year. In many cases I forgot I had certain favorite things.

It's probably no surprise to you--my bosum, like-minded pals--that my favorite boxes to unpack have been my books. Bookstores are my favorite stores and whereas many other women feed their shopping craving by picking up a new outfit or a pair of shoes--my form of shopping therapy is nearly always BOOKS!

No surprise then, that I have purchased a LOT of books I haven't read yet. Opening my box-upon-box of books made me happier than Ralphie opening up his Red Rider BB Gun on Christmas morning.

Some were old cherished friends. Others I'm still waiting to make their acquaintance. All of them give me a little smile in my heart.

As well as a list of things to READ! So on my reading list this year I have:

Pathfinder, by Orson Scott Card
The Goose Girl series, by Shannon Hale
The Matched series, by Ally Condie
The Way of Kings, by Brandon Sanderson
Nightingail, by David Farland
Slayers, by C.J. Hill
The Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett

And that's just the boxes I've opened so far. I still have several to go.

But despite all my great books, I'm always looking for suggestions. So, what's on your reading list this year?

Happy Reading AND Writing!


  1. That really is the best thing about moving...opening up those book boxes. I found stuff I didn't even know I had and enjoyed reading them again...for what seemed like the first time.

  2. I look forward to being in our own place again and getting all my books out of storage! fun!


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