Jan 16, 2013

People are Fascinating

by Kami Cornwall

     I'm a fan of people. They fascinate me. When I was in high school one of my favorite games was walking to the 7-11 and as people in cars passed by my friend and I would concoct stories about them.
     "That lady is a secret agent headed to the governor's home to take secret photos. That guy is smiling because he's wearing his favorite pink underwear today. That kid just learned how to drive but secretly he is a brilliant musician and will go to Carnegie on scholarship next year."
     As part of an experiment in my group therapy class recently we had to wear party hats which said something on them and we had to follow those rules. So I had to ignore the girl who wore "ignore me" on hers, people were telling me I was annoying so I could assume what mine said, and the guy across from me had on, "treat me like a sex object." After asking him about it today he laughed and said it was actually really flattering so either we didn't go far enough with it and he felt like we were just complimenting him, or guys just don't react the same. Maybe it's a little bit of both.
     Anyhow, it got me reflecting on how people are so very different even though we are all part of one big dysfunctional family. I watched two men enter a music store today to buy a guitar. They were Middle-Eastern and would chatter with each other in between time in their own language. They knew nothing about guitars, freely admitting that, but wanted one anyhow. I wondered what it would be like if I was transported to their country and what normal is over there. What is life like in Scotland? What about Greece? I think the most well-rounded people, or perhaps those with the best understanding of people must be those who have traveled around the world. And I'm a little jealous of them. The farthest I've ever been was Mexico...and it wasn't much different from San Diego. Maybe that's why I love writing so much - I can transport myself anywhere I want to be...but I've never actually been there.
     Are you a people watcher? What is the most unusual, fascinating, amazing behavior you have ever witnessed?  Here's a little bit of people watching that I love. The best part of this video is that most everyone is not watching or responding to he so she can do pretty much whatever she wants. I love people!



  1. I would have LOVED to watch her dance. Clapping and definitely noticing. She was terrific. Too bad I can't dance that way. Wish I could. I used to watch people...you remind me of how much fun it is. I forgot. Ok for tomorrow I'll do that...just watch people.

  2. I loved that she knew she was dancing like nobody was watching! If I was there I would have clapped and swayed and smiled--as if nobody was watching :o)

  3. That was awesome! I can't believe people just stood there. I would probably have started dancing with her, much to my kids disgust...... I used to people watch too.Still do. In high school...a friend and I actually made score cards (like for swim meets) and rated the guys that walked by. I don't think they realized what we were doing, but we had a ball. And we were pretty nice too.....
    fun post!

  4. I really enjoyed your post. I am a people watcher too. Love the game. I also love to attempt to figure out what makes them tick. Thanks Cami!


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