Aug 20, 2013

My Friend

My Friend
by Patricia A Pitterle

Sometimes, I feel so lonely
On this journey we call life.
The road is rough
And full of ruts
And toil and pain and strife.

It’s hard to keep my focus,
When tears fall from my eyes.
I hear whispers
That I’m all alone,
My heart within me cries.

Sometimes the voice would have me think
I am not worth His fight.
Not good enough
To feel His love.
Please hide me from His sight.

And though I seem to listen
And fear those words are true.
A part of me
Holds fast to faith
That He will guide me through.

Slowly, my eyes are opened,
I come to see His grace.
He walks with me
He talks with me
He leads me through this place.

In ways I don’t yet understand
He took my sins from me
And suffered that
I might now know,
He lived and died for me.

And safe at last, in His embrace
My heart will finally mend
As I gaze into
His loving face,
My Savior and my friend.

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