Aug 28, 2013

I forgot to post!

So it's 10 pm and I was supposed to post on the blog today...I forgot.

To those who know me, that won't be a surprise revelation.  I forget things a lot.  I used to blame it on having too many kids but 2 of them are in college now so I only have 2 at home (well, Cody's home but he does his own thing).  Then I blamed it on not being able to find a good program on my phone or on my computer to keep track of things so I went back to a regular calendar.  I found a great one that has 6 spaces for each day to keep track of every person in my house's schedules.  It's a great tool and it's a nice looking calendar but it doesn't help if you don't actually write on it!  So, I'm going to write my blogging assignments on my cute little calendar and try to be better and imparting my words of wisdom (haha) in a more timely manner!

With that said, I don't actually have any words of wisdom this week!  It's been way busy and I can't actually focus on anything fun to write about tonight so I'm going to end this and put you all out of your misery!

This would probably be a good example of free flow writing except, believe it or not, I actually stopped and tried to think about this post!  Maybe I should have done some free writing before I tried to write this and this may have been a better post!

Sorry all!  It'll be better next time!

1 comment:

  1. Yep. I totally get this. You made me smile though! hugs~


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