Aug 27, 2013

Why Do I Go to Church?

by Terri Wagner

Oddly I get asked that question a lot lately. I suspect it is because I am in a calling that requires a lot of meetings, phone calls, and activities. I even get that question from members. The latest one who asked me is what I guess is considered less active these days. I have a stock answer, but stock only because it is the answer for me!

I go to prove my loyalty to my Heavenly Father, and to renew my covenants with Him. The rest is extra. If I'm in a good ward/branch, and the talks are great, the other meetings are fun, well to me that's icing on the cake. And believe me when I tell you I have endured some bizarre Sacrament meetings, and Fast-n-Testimony meetings. My personal favorite is my very first FNT as a new member. As an investigator, I did not go; somehow I knew that wasn't going to be my favorite meeting. I was right!!! First person gets up and starts talking about people in the ward accusing her of having an affair. She was not. Her and her husband who was the bishop were having problems. Then nearly everyone else got up and either said I'm sorry or it wasn't me spreading rumors. It's funny now; it wasn't then. It kinda soured me on the whole concept. But in fairness I must say, I've been to some FNT that were awe inspiring.

My less favorite meeting is Relief Society. I honestly think it's solely because I never married or had children and just felt I couldn't relate. The lessons by design are centered on the family, eternal relations, and raising righteous children. I completely agree with that. Totally see the need for it. But can't really relate. I still go; I still listen; I try to find a way to make it relate to me. I'm better now than I used to be.

So what is my most favorite church meeting...Primary or Young Women's. You just can't beat a young person talking about the church. I love the trust they put in me as a teacher or leader. The sweetness of their spirits (yes even when they are tiring) are soothing to my own spirit. Their questioning poses no problem for me. I was a convert and my testimony is an adventure I haven't gotten to the end of yet. So I seem to relate to their wonderings that echo mine.

So why do I go to church? So Heavenly Father knows I know why I go. Everything else is icing. Sometimes it's chocolate icing with nuts; and sometimes it's bland vanilla. But it's still just the icing.

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  1. Terri, you never fail to inspire me and make me smile. You rock. hugs~


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