Aug 29, 2013

What is a day of your life worth?

By Susan Knight

     August 29th?
     As in the end of August?
     Wait a minute.
     Didn’t I just plant my annuals?
     Wasn’t it just the longest day of the year?
     Didn’t I just watch fireworks on the Fourth of July?
     But what else did I do?
     Ever since I moved to Utah, I vowed I would live in the present—be present to all around me. But, considering how quickly time flies, and not seeing much to show for its passing, I’m wondering if I might be flittering away my life, not filling my moments with memories as I should.
     I used to have a tagline with my emails:
“What I do today is important because I am paying a day of my life for it.
        What I accomplish must be worthwhile because the price is high.”
        Author Unknown
     I think Author Unknown is one of the most profound human beings that ever lived. This person has made me realize that minutes and seconds are precious. Instead of spending time watching television, how about a meaningful conversation with a loved one? A book in hand is worth more than two video games. Pen a thank-you note rather than an email.
     I have to re-commit to make each day meaningful in some way. What must I do before I lay my head on my pillow that will help me feel fulfilled?
     For most of us in ANWA, it’s writing; for others it might be reading, giving service, playing with our kids, appreciating nature.
     What is important to you?
     What is worth paying a day of your life for?


  1. What a profound statement! I am going to post it on my mirror for the next couple of months. thank you for sharing it. Family is the most important to me and that includes my friends. I guess what i really mean is that personal relationships are most important to me. hugs.

    1. Thanks for posting, Kari. Family is definitely worth a day of your life--and more ♥
      Love your hugs~

  2. Great post! Making the most of each day to me means just like you said; being present to all around me. Looking people in the eye when they talk to me so they know I'm listening. Responding in a way that helps them feel validated and important (I work at a high school and I'm YW president, so I get lots of opportunities for this). Appreciating nature is a big one for me, too. I almost never watch TV, and in my spare time, reading and writing are my favorites, and anything I get to do with family :)

    1. Thanks for your comments, Polly. I like the looking people in the eye. It makes us feel special, doesn't it? I'm sure you do a lot of good works in a high school environment.
      Thanks again!

  3. I think writing is very fulfilling, but it's not the biggest thing to me. I don't feel bad at all if a day went by with no writing in it. That was probably the day I took my boys to Build A Bear, or maybe we watched movies together or some other thing. I don't usually have a feeling of "wasted time." If all I did one day was take a nap or watch TV, I probably really needed that down time. And besides, The best way to get ideas for writing is to live, whether that be going to the library or watching TV or going to the grocery store. I do feel profoundly the passage of time, but the only thing that bothers me is seeing these kids get bigger and older and more mature. I'm about to have a teenager and he's suddenly started to act like one. He doesn't want to talk to us about anything and he would prefer not to be seen with me too much. What happened to that little guy who wanted to spend every minute with me? He still does that when no one seems to be looking, but not as much as before. And my little guy, my baby, is slipping away a little at a time too. If like to make time stand still.

  4. Love the post and comments. My baby just turned seven. Somehow seven and 2nd grade, seems so much older than six and first grade. Not to mention the two adult children I now have that have gone through all the childhood to young adult stages and I am receiving a greater appreciation for those stages of life and milestones and how fast they fly by.
    Thanks for the awesome quote. It is definitely something to live by!


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