Aug 9, 2013

Pending project raises its head

by Marsha Ward

Sometimes in life, and especially in writing, opportunities arise when they are not convenient. One then has to decide whether or not one has the time to take advantage of the opportunity that comes along.

I was in just such a position a couple of weeks ago. I received a solicitation in my email inbox to sign up for a newsletter by a couple of writing coaches I know about, in exchange for which I would be able to attend a free webinar on recording audiobooks.

The problem is, I'm engaged in writing a novel, which is a pursuit that takes up to ten hours a day, every day--or until I'm mentally exhausted. Distractions are my great enemy. Getting out of the groove is detrimental to my creative flow. It could be dangerous to forward progress to get sidetracked.

Since producing audiobook editions of my novels is somewhere among the pots and pans on a back burner of my extremely large, wood-fired mental kitchen stove, I had to give this decision some thought. Finally, I chose to sign up for the newsletter and attend the webinar. I figured taking 90 minutes out wouldn't hurt, and I could gather important facts to fill in the gaps in my knowledge of the hows and wherefores.

Although much of the information was pretty much a rehash of other information I already have on hand, I'm glad I attended, if only to hear the experiences and opinions of the hosts. The time-out was refreshing, and I now have moved the audiobook pot a little closer to the front of the stove.

What choice would you make in a similar situation?


  1. I think I would have made the same choice!

  2. Wow..don't know how my partial comment got sent...sheesh. Anyway...good for you Marsha! and I can't wait to read your next book! hugs~

    1. Thanks, Kari. I keep plugging away on it. I'm nearly half finished with it.


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