Jul 5, 2014

ANWA South West Retreat

by Cindy R. Williams

This is scheduled to post on July 5th, a week after the ANWA South West Writers Conference. So the Retreat will be over by the time you read this. I want to share with you a few things from the Retreat.

#1  ANWA Retreats are a piece of Heaven on Earth
#2  ANWA Retreats create a tight knit writing community
#3  ANWA Retreats bring delightful new friends into your circle.
#4  ANWA Retreats show you the true colors of those you thought you knew, and thankfully their true colors are even more brilliant than you thought!
#  5 ANWA Retreats highlight incredible talents - Melinda Lamoreaux, Dena Haynes and Harriet Dodge and their incredible artistic talents and clever minds.

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