Feb 28, 2010

I Love my ANWA Friends

By Sarah Hinze

It is always a delightful part of our annual ANWA Conference to see everyone and catch up on family and writing projects of the members. Peggy Shumway, Gayla Wise and I were chatting when Jannette Rallison came up to us and with her typical humor said,"Wow! I am witnessing a meeting of the charter members--can I break in with a comment?"

"Yea, please enlighten us", we joked back. So we all giggled and talked and enjoyed a warm and loving time together, excited about the projects and accomplishments of one another.

It was so good to see Julie Grant all the way from Texas. I was happy to connect with Betsy Love--what a perfect name for that girl--she is so full of hugs and sunshine! I vowed to her that I would attend my next chapter meeting. I asked Patti Hulet to write down the time, place, etc. so I would not forget.

"Can you stop by and put up a zillion hearts on my lawn--just to remind me to go, and as a special token of your love?"

"Sure, if that is what it takes to get you there--we miss you." said Patti, with that typical twinkle in her eye. What a sweet girl that one is.

But that will not be necessary. I plan to attend my chapter meeting this month and enjoy the warm fuzzys from my ANWA sisters.

You might want to attend yours too--who knows what interesting writing tidbits await us.

I loved the conference. I was inspired to get busy and keep writing. But most of all--thanks for the friendship of all you dear sisters. I love you so much.

What a treasure for me to have my beautiful daughters with me,Laura and Heather, both of them talented novelists. They amaze me with their strength and determination!!


  1. It was good to see you guys too! I love my ANWA gang!

  2. yes, please keep writing Sarah! You inspire all of us! I love seeing everyone in the pictures that have been posted!

  3. I sometimes miss the fun of an actual meeting.

  4. It was such a great conference, and it was good to see you and all our ANWA sisters there.

  5. Laura's your daughter?!! I had no idea!

  6. Thank you for sharing about the conference. Friends, what a beautiful word.


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