Mar 1, 2010

LDS Book Reader Survey

By: Rebecca Irvine

Sometimes my market research skills end up joining forces with my curiosity as a writer. Last week I posted an online survey about reading in the LDS community and asked people to please take time to participate. The LDS Book Reader Survey is only 8 questions long and takes less than a minute. The goal is to get 400 respondents to ensure the margin of error is +/-5% (at the 95% confidence level). As of this evening there have been about 85 respondents, so we have a ways to go. So please encourage your friends and family members to participate as well--although not more than once each! Results will be made readily available on my personal blog. Thanks for your time and assistance!


  1. Done Rebecca and good luck. What are you doing it for?

  2. Okay, I did the survey (:. I'm curious too--what are you using the results for?


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